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 Roles turned down by Margaret Sullavan:

Margaret Sullavan tested for the role of Claudia Naughton.
Actor who got the part: Dorothy McGuire

Gone with The Wind
Margaret Sullavan was considered to play Scarlett O'Hara.
Actor who got the part: Vivien Leigh

It Happened One Night
Turned down the role of the spoiled runaway bride-to-be.
Actor who got the part: Claudette Colbert

The Little Minister
Katharine Hepburn admitted that she went to RKO executives and demanded the role of Babbie only because she didn't want Sullivan (the studio's first choice) to get it.
Actor who got the part: Katharine Hepburn

Old Acquaintance
Margaret Sullavan was thought of for the role of Millie Drake in this film, but Bette Davis did not want her as a co-star.
Actor who got the part: Miriam Hopkins

Alfred Hitchcock was impressed by Margaret Sullivan's screen test for the role of the second "Mrs. de Winter."
Actor who got the part: Joan Fontaine

Alfred Hitchcock wanted the talented, sharp Sullavan to star with Henry Fonda as a couple on the run who unmask a ring of dangerous Fascists.
Actor who got the part: Priscilla Lane

Margaret Sullavan had played the title character on stage but was not cast in the film.
Actor who got the part: Audrey Hepburn

Stage Door
The great star lost the role in movie version of Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman's hit play because of pregnancy.
Actor who got the part: Katharine Hepburn

A Woman's Face
Alfred Hitchcock wanted the brilliant Sullavan to star as a scarred female criminal who tries to reform herself.
Actor who got the part: Joan Crawford

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