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Which 1995 film did Naomi Campbell get cut from?

Judge Dredd
Leaving Las Vegas

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   4. Jeremy Irons in Evita?
   5. Liam Hemsworth in Thor?
   9. Warren Beatty in PT 109?

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Cary Grant
Grant was the top choice for It's a Wonderful Life when the film was still titled "The Greatest Gift."
Quentin Tarantino
According to the movies DVD commentary, Eli Roth considered Tarantino for the role of the American Client.
Walter Cronkite
Cronkite was the first choice to play the news anchor in Close Encounters  of the Third Kind.
Will Smith
One of the studios interested in the movie Hotel Rwanda suggested Smith for the lead role.
Val Kilmer
Kilmer turned down the role of Detective Kirkpatrick in Fair Game.