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1 Aldo Ray in Cool Hand Luke?
According to his autobiography "Trust Me: A Memoir", George Kennedy states Aldo Ray was up for the role of Dragline when George auditioned.
2 Judy Pace in The Omega Man?
Judy Pace was considered for the role of plague survivor Lisa.
3 Farrah Fawcett in Arthur?
Farrah was considered for the Liza Minnelli role.
4 Jeremy Irons in Evita?
Jeremy Irons was considered for the role of Juan Peron.
5 Liam Hemsworth in Thor?
Chris Hemsworth's younger brother Liam was on Kenneth Branagh's shortlist for the lead, and he ended up giving Chris advice when he decided to audition for the part a second time.
6 Louis Jourdan in The Adventurers?
Louis Jourdan was cast but later replaced as Baron de Coyne.
7 Edward Norton in Bringing Out The Dead?
Paul Schrader wrote the part of Frank Pierce with Edward Norton in mind, but Martin Scorsese always intended on casting Nicolas Cage.
8 Shelley Duvall in A Wedding?
Robert Altman offered the role of the grooms ex girlfriend to Duvall who declined the role. It was then taken by Pam Dawber.
9 Warren Beatty in PT 109?
Warren Beatty was the personal choice of John and Jackie Kennedy to play him in the film based on his experiences in the Navy, but director Leslie H. Martinson refused to cast him under the belief he was too unstable.
10 Bill Murray in The Squid and The Whale?
Bill backed out at the last minute. Jeff stepped in instead.
11 Bill Murray in Bottle Rocket?
Director Wes Anderson had long been a fan of Bill Murray and wanted him to play Mr. Henry. However, according to rumors, Murray's agent couldn't contact him in regards to this movie, as he turned his cell phone off, while on a boat on holiday. Since then Wes and Bill have a strong working relationship now.
12 Daniel Day Lewis in Man of Steel?
Daniel day lewis turned down general zod for man of steel.
13 Jennifer Connelly in Watchmen?
Connelly was consdiered for the role of Silk Spectre.
14 Bill Nighy in The Iron Lady?
Was vetoed by the producers as he was felt to too old.
15 Gregory Peck in JFK?
Was considered for the role of Clay Shaw.
16 Demetri Martin in Moneyball?
Demetri Martin was going to act in "Moneyball" when Steven Soderbergh was scheduled to direct.
17 Cliff Gorman in Lenny?
Bob Fosse wanted this actor to star but studios would not bankroll the film with this actor.
18 Colin Farrell in The Tree of Life?
Terrence Malick considered his The New World star Colin Farrell for a role.
19 Gus Van Sant in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1?
Gus Van Sant was approached to direct, and was star Robert Pattinson's preference, but was passed over by Summit Entertainment in favor of Bill Condon.
20 Steven Bauer in Running Brave?
Promised a big role in "Scarface," the actor turned down the role of Billy Mills, the American Indian who rose from obscurity to win the long distance foot race at the Tokyo Olympics.
21 Sondra Locke in True Grit?
Offered the role of Mattie Ross and turned it down.
22 Melanie Griffith in Dressed to Kill?
The star rebuffed director Brian De Palma's offer.
23 Melanie Griffith in Blow Out?
Griffith turned down director Brian De Palma's offer for her to play the female lead.
24 Paul Muni in The Pawnbroker?
The great star of films and stage was pursued by director Sidney Lumet to play the pawnbroker who had persecuted by Nazis. Muni declined the role that earned Rod Steiger an Oscar nomination in what was to become a classic film.
25 Roy Scheider in JFK?
Was considered for the role of Clay Shaw.
26 Harrison Ford in Apocalypse Now?
Two books report that Coppola wanted Harrison Ford to play a larger role in "Apocalypse Now" but he turned it down not wanting to spend so much time in the Phillipines.
27 Sting in Pretty Woman?
Sting was considered for the lead.
28 Isabelle Adjani in Basic Instinct?
Isabelle Adjani turned down the part of Catherine Tramell.
29 Amanda Seyfried in The Great Gatsby?
Amanda Seyfried was in consideration for the role of Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby (2012).
30 Thomas Sangster in The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn?
Thomas Sangster was originally cast in the title role, but had to leave after continued delays resulted in scheduling conflicts.
31 Jennifer Aniston in Godzilla?
Jennifer Aniston was considered for the role of Audrey Timmonds.
32 Armand Assante in The Mask of Zorro?
Was set to play the villainous Don Rafael, yet had to bow out due to pre-production delays that ended up in conflict with his shooting of The Odyssey. Director Martin Campbell then cast Stuart Wilson, with whom he had previously worked with on No Escape.
33 Hector Elizando in The First Wives Club?
Hector Elizando was in talks to play Bette Midler's ex-husband.
34 Jack Nicholson in Striptease?
Jack Nicholson was in talks to play the Congressman.
35 Carey Mulligan in Brighton Rock?
Mulligan was set to play Rose but dropped out to star in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.
36 Carey Mulligan in Violet & Daisy?
Mulligan was originally cast as Violet in Violet & Daisy but was replaced by Alexis Bledel after she dropped out in order to pursue another movie, Drive, instead.
37 Christian Bale in Three Kings?
In a Charlie Rose interview, David O. Russell explains he already cast his friend Spike Jonze in a part, but met with Christian Bale to please the studio.
38 Leonardo DiCaprio in Angels & Demons?
Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the role of Camerlengo Patrick McKenna. He declined despite being offered the role personally by Tom Hanks.
39 Clint Eastwood in Angels & Demons?
Clint Eastwood was interested in directing this movie, but didn't get the chance because Ron Howard was contractually obligated to direct.
40 Robert Duvall in W.?
Oliver Stone offered the part of Dick Cheney to Robert Duvall, but he turned it down.
41 Christopher Walken in The Last Temptation of Christ?
Christopher Walken was originally scheduled to play the part of Jesus Christ, but the studio ended up pulling the plug on the project, delaying production for 10 years.
42 Orson Welles in Apocalypse Now?
Orson Welles was Francis Ford Coppola's first choice to play the part of Colonel Kurtz, but he turned the role down. Welles himself had earlier tried to direct a movie of "Heart of Darkness", The Joseph Conrad novella upon which "Apocalypse Now" was based.
43 Penelope Cruz in Hereafter?
Penelope Cruz was considered for the female lead, but Clint Eastwood turned her down because he didn't want to change the character's nationality from French to Spanish.
44 Terrence Malick in Che?
Benicio Del Toro and Steven Soderbergh originally hired Terrence Malick to write the screenplay and direct, but he eventually left the project to make The New World.
45 Hugh Grant in The King's Speech?
Hugh Grant turned down the role of King George VI, and was later said to be "kicking himself" with regret.
46 Christohper Lee in The Longest Day?
Christopher Lee auditioned for a role, but was turned down because "he didn't look like a military man". Ironically, Lee served in the RAF for several years during World War II.
47 Dolph Lundgren in The Girl Who Played with Fire?
Dolph Lundren was offered the role of the blonde giant Ronald Niedermann, but turned it down. Had he taken the role, it would have been his first acting job in his native Sweden.
48 Andrew Garfield in The Social Network?
Andrew Garfield originally auditioned for the part of Mark Zuckerberg, but David Fincher thought he was too openly emotional and instead cast him as Eduardo Saverin.
49 Scarlett Johansson in The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo?
Scarlett Johansson was considered by the studio for the role of Lisbeth Salander, but David Fincher turned her down for being "too sexy".
50 Yo-Landi Vi$$er in The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo?
Vi$$er, the lead singer for of South African punk band Die Antwoord, was considered by David Fincher for the role of Lisbeth Salander.

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