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Top 25 Movie Roles Your Favorite Stars DIDN'T Get!
These are the top 25 most popular entries according to visitors to Where does this sort of celebrity trivia come from? Movie fans from around the world submit this trivia to us from Hollywood interviews, books, magazine articles, DVD commentary, and other entertainment sources around the Internet.

25 Brad Pitt in The Shawshank Redemption?
Brad Pitt was intended for the role of Tommy Williams.
24 Mick Jagger in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Mick Jagger wanted to play Dr. Frank N Furter.
23 Paul McCartney in Romeo and Juliet (1968)?
Director Franco Zefferelli originally wanted Paul McCartney (The Beatles) for the part of Romeo. McCartney turned him down for two reasons. One, he didn't think he was good enough of an actor to take on Shakespeare and two, the Beatles were recording their classic album, "Sgt. Pepper" at the time of filming in 1967.
22 John Denver in An Officer and a Gentleman?
Turned down the lead role because he didn't like the script.
21 Tupac Shakur in Forrest Gump?
According to his ex-wife, Tupac auditioned for the role of Bubba.
20 Sammy Davis Jr. in Beetlejuice?
Tim Burton wanted his childhood hero, Sammy Davis, Jr., to play the title character in Beetlejuice. Studio execs shot him down.
19 David Letterman in Airplane!?
David Letterman screen tested for the role of Ted Striker. Jerry Zucker later brought the tape along to a Late Night appearance. Dave was not amused.
18 Eric Stoltz in Back to the Future?
Eric Stoltz was actually hired to play Marty McFly in Back to the Future, and was replaced later with Michael J Fox.
17 Sean Connery in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring?
Sean Connery turned down the role of Gandalf. He said in an interview that he "didn't understand it" and therefore didn't want to spend 18 months on the project.
16 Sylvester Stallone in Star Wars?
According to Lucas, Sylvester Stallone was considered for the role of Han Solo (along with over 1000 others).
15 Kim Basinger in Boxing Helena?
Kim Basinger backed out of the lead role. Producers then sued her for $9 million and won for violating her contract. It was later reversed on appeal.
14 Dr. Ruth Westheimer in Dirty Dancing?
Dr. Ruth Westheimer turned down the role of Mrs. Schumacher after she found out the character was a thief.
13 Michael Madsen in Pulp Fiction?
The role of Vincent Vega was actually written for Madsen. Madsen played "Vic Vega" in Reservoir Dogs and it is rumored that the same character was supposed to be in Pulp Ficiton too until Madsen declined and the role was changed to "Vincent."
12 Quentin Tarantino in Mallrats?
Tarantino was supposedly considered to play the part of Stan Lee before Stan signed on.
11 Johnny Depp in Interview with the Vampire?
Johnny Depp turned down the lead role of Lestat.
10 Ozzy Osbourne in Moulin Rouge?
The green fairy was originally going to be a "long-haired muscle-man" played by Ozzy Osbourne. The character was changed, but Ozzy reportedly still recorded the fairy's scream as it turns evil.
9 Charlton Heston in Jaws?
Heston was considered to play Chief Brody.
8 Lucille Ball in Gone with the Wind?
One of many actresses considered for the part of Scarlett.
7 Chuck Norris in The Karate Kid?
Chuck Norris turned down the part of John Kreese (Cobra Kai Sensei).
6 George Lucas in Apocalypse Now?
George Lucas was originally going to direct Apocalypse Now before Coppola chose to direct himself.
5 Tom Selleck in Raiders of the Lost Ark?
Tom Selleck was originally pursued by Spielberg & Lucas to play Indiana Jones, but it conflicted with his agreement to do Magnum P.I.
4 Will Smith in The Matrix?
Will Smith turned down the lead role, admitting later that he had no regrets because "Keanu was brilliant as Neo."
3 Paul Reubens in Ghost Busters?
Paul Reubens (PeeWee Herman) was going to play the part of Gozer, but then turned it down.
2 Chris Farley in Shrek?
Chris Farley was originally cast as Shrek and even recorded the dialogue before he passed away.
1 O.J. Simpson in The Terminator?
Passed over for the role of the terminator because producers feared he wouldn't be taken seriously as a killer.

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