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 Who was considered for Ghost Busters?

John Belushi
The role of Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) was originally written for John Belushi.
Actor who got the part: Bill Murray

Sandra Bernhard
Comedian Sandra Bernhard was originally offered the role of Janine, played by Annie Potts.
Actor who got the part: Annie Potts

John Candy
The role of Louis Tully (Rick Moranis) was originally written for John Candy.
Actor who got the part: Rick Moranis

Anne Carlisle
Anne Carlisle was offered but declined the role of Zuul.

Huey Lewis And The News
Huey Lewis and the News turned down the chance to record a theme song for Ghostbusters.

Eddie Murphy
The role of Winston Zeddemore was originally written for Eddie Murphy.
Actor who got the part: Ernie Hudson

Paul Reubens
Paul Reubens (PeeWee Herman) was going to play the part of Gozer, but then turned it down.
Actor who got the part: Slavitza Jovan

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