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 Roles turned down by John Candy:

The Flintstones
Rick Moranis said in an interview that John Goodman was a last minute replacement for John Candy who was cast as Fred Flinstone but died before filming began.
Actor who got the part: John Goodman

Ghost Busters
The role of Louis Tully (Rick Moranis) was originally written for John Candy.
Actor who got the part: Rick Moranis

In preproduction, Candy was to voice the character of a turkey, but that character was cut from the Disney animated musical.
Actor who got the part: Role Was Cut From The Film

Used Cars
Candy was cast to play Sam Slaton, but due to conflicting schedules, Candy couldn't film the role, and recommended Joe Flaherty from SCTV. Candy later told Zemeckis that he was glad he didn't get the role because he would have ruined every take of the scene he was in with Al Lewis.
Actor who got the part: Joe Flaherty

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