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 Roles turned down by Dyan Cannon:

Blow Out
When De Palma was originally considering either Pacino or Dreyfuss for the role of Jack he was also considering either Julie Christie or Dyan Cannon for the role of the prostitute, Sally.
Actor who got the part: Nancy Allen

Carnal Knowledge
Mike Nichols had spent six months looking for the right girl to play the part of Bobbie. He had considered and rejected Dyan Cannon.
Actor who got the part: Ann-Margrett

The Getaway
Cannon auditioned for the lead role, but Ali MacGraw ended up playing that role.
Actor who got the part: Ali MacGraw

The Love God
Dyan's agent gave her a choice of appearing in the Donn Knotts comedy and securing a five picture deal with Universal Studios or appearing as Alice in the comedy "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice". She wisely chose the latter and earned a Supporting Actress Oscar nomination.
Actor who got the part: Anne Francis

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