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 Roles turned down by Lucille Ball:

Ball of Fire
After Ginger Rogers and Barbara Stanwyck turned down the part of a brassy showgirl who falls for a stick-in-the-mud professor, Lucy was set for the role. But Stanwyck changed her mind about the part, and Lucy was out of luck.
Actor who got the part: Barbara Stanwyck

Born Yesterday
Lucille Ball was reportedly considered from the lead in Born Yesterday.
Actor who got the part: Judy Holliday

Driving Miss Daisy
Lucy wanted and actively pursued the role of Daisy. But she was not in good health by the time the actual filming began. She contacted the producers (Lili and Richard Zanuck)to remove herself from consideration.
Actor who got the part: Jessica Tandy

Gone with the Wind
One of many actresses considered for the part of Scarlett.
Actor who got the part: Vivien Leigh

The Greatest Show on Earth
Pre-TV Lucy accepted the role of Angel and then dropped out after she became pregnant with daughter Lucie.
Actor who got the part: Gloria Grahame

The Man Who Came to Dinner
Lucille Ball was considered for the part of Lorraine Sheldon that was ultimately played by Warner's own, Ann Sheridan.
Actor who got the part: Ann Sheridan

The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
Frank Sinatra wanted Lucille Ball to play the part of Mrs. Iselin, which eventually went to Angela Lansbury.
Actor who got the part: Angela Lansbury

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