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 Roles turned down by Kathy Bates:

Kathy Bates turned down the role of Julie Stiles Grandmother, as there was a breach of contract between her and producer Martin Bregmman. Bates took legal action and it resulted by winning her a payout of over $1.24 million.
Actor who got the part: Shirley MacLaine

The director's first choice to play Mama Morton.
Actor who got the part: Queen Latifah

Frankie and Johnny
Kathy Bates was past over from Directors as they thought her too frumpy, simple and too plain for the lead role of Franky, even though the part was written for Ms Bates on stage before the play was made into a film.
Actor who got the part: Michelle Phiffer

'Night, Mother
The little known at the time Kathy Bates was passed over to repeat her Broadway role as Jessie Cates.
Actor who got the part: Sissy Spacek

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