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 Roles turned down by Candice Bergen:

The Accidental Tourist
Candice Bergen was considered to play the role of Muriel. She lost the part to Geena Davis.
Actor who got the part: Geena Davis

Candice Bergen turned down the lead role.
Actor who got the part: Audrey Hepburn

The Graduate
Bergen auditioned for the role of Elaine in The Graduate.
Actor who got the part: Katharine Ross

The Great Gatsby
Candice Bergen was considered for the role of Daisy.
Actor who got the part: Mia Farrow

Starting Over
Wanted the "nice girl" lead role, was initially insulted when asked to play Burt Reynolds' vapid ex-wife--but took the latter part and received an Oscar nomination.
Actor who got the part: Jill Clayburgh

Valley of the Dolls
Considered a top choice to play the cool, elegant New Englander career girl who becomes a model, "Anne Welles."
Actor who got the part: Barbara Parkins

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