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 Roles turned down by Tom Selleck:

Tom Selleck was considered to play Batman.

Freaky Friday
Selleck, cast as the fiance of the Disney comedy remake's original star Annette Bening, dropped out after Bening left the project.
Actor who got the part: Mark Harmon

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Tom Selleck was originally pursued by Spielberg & Lucas to play Indiana Jones, but it conflicted with his agreement to do Magnum P.I.
Actor who got the part: Harrison Ford

The Terminator
Selleck was rumored to play Terminator, but turned the role down due to scheduling conflicts from "Magnum, P.I."
Actor who got the part: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tom Selleck was considered for the role of King Marchand.
Actor who got the part: James Garner

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