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 Roles turned down by Peter Sellers:

Turned down the leading role again and again, then filmed a cameo that was eventually cut from the film as released.
Actor who got the part: Dudley Moore

Dr. Strangelove
Unable to play a fourth role in the film, Major T.J. Kong, due to a broken leg.
Actor who got the part: Slim Pickens

Kiss Me, Stupid
Director Billy Wilder was forced to replace the ill Peter Sellers as the show biz lowlife stranded in a small Nevada town.
Actor who got the part: Ray Walston

Considered a prime candidate to star as Fagin in the Sir Carol Reed-directed movie version of the hit musical play.
Actor who got the part: Ron Moody

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
Sellers was originally director Billy Wilder's top choice to play Dr, John Watson, but Wilder ultimately chose a lesser-known and less costly actor.
Actor who got the part: Colin Blakely

The Producers (1968)
Director Mel Brooks says he first offered Sellers the role of scheming, down-on-his-luck Broadway producer "Max Bialystock."
Actor who got the part: Zero Mostel

The Twelve Chairs
Mel Brooks wanted Peter Sellers for a role in The Twelve Chairs.

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