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 Roles turned down by Tupac Shakur:

Baby Boy
Director John Singleton envisioned Tupac in the leading role when writing it.
Actor who got the part: Tyrese Gibson

Cool Runnings
Many websites have reported that Tupac Shakur was considered for a role in Cool Runnings.

Forrest Gump
According to his ex-wife, Tupac auditioned for the role of Bubba.
Actor who got the part: Mykelti Williamson

Higher Learning
Shakur was originaly cast as Malik. Tupac had to give up the role because he was sentenced to jail time.
Actor who got the part: Omar Epps

Menace II Society
Tupac Shakur was originaly cast for the lead role but was fired for fighting with the director.
Actor who got the part: Tyrin Turner

Shakur had the role, but was shot 5 days before production began.
Actor who got the part: Tommy Davidson

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