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 Roles turned down by Quentin Tarantino:

Battle Royale 2: Requiem
Quentin Tarantino turned down the role of President of the United States due to scheduling conflicts.

Get Shorty
Tarantino was the studio's first choice to direct the film.
Actor who got the part: Barry Sonnenfeld

According to the DVD exec producers commentary, Eli Roth considered Quentin Tarantino for the role of the American Client but ultimately decided having that Takashi Miike and Tarantino visit the torture house would be pushing their luck.
Actor who got the part: Rick Hoffman

Iron Man
Quentin Tarantino was reportedly approached to write and direct the film in 1999.
Actor who got the part: Jon Favreau

Tarantino was supposedly considered to play the part of Stan Lee before Stan signed on.
Actor who got the part: Stan Lee

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Was the original choice to play Cucuy's role, but shooting on the film interfered with filming of Tarantino's Kill Bill.
Actor who got the part: Danny Trejo

Reservoir Dogs
Quentin Tarantino wrote the part of Mr. Pink for himself, but gave it away to Steve Buscemi.
Actor who got the part: Steve Buscemi

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