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 Roles turned down by Ben Stiller:

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
Ben Stiller was the original choice to play Brian Fantana. He does have a brief cameo in the film as a Spanish news anchor.
Actor who got the part: Paul Rudd

Blades of Glory
The role of the sex-addicted, alcoholic ex-figure skating champion was intended for Stiller who decided it was too much like other roles he had played. Instead, he was one of the film's producers.
Actor who got the part: Will Ferrell

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Ben Stiller was considered for the role of Willy Wonka.
Actor who got the part: Johnny Depp

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Mentioned as a possible star of the film about game show creator and self-styled "spy" Chuck Barris.
Actor who got the part: Sam Rockwell

The TV Set
The role of Lenny (originally a male character) was written for Ben Stiller, but he had to back out because his son was born just before filming.
Actor who got the part: Sigourney Weaver

Used Guys
The studio dropped this futuristic comedy project, which Jay Roach was supposed to direct starring Stiller and Jim Carrey, when the proposed budget hit $112 million.
Actor who got the part: Project Abandoned

What Makes Sammy Run?
Stiller has been talking since the mid-1990s about starring as the despicable user who schemes his way into running a Hollywood studio.
Actor who got the part: Project Abandoned

Ben Stiller (as the No, No, No Guy) was originally going to play the character of Maury. He instead opted to have his father play the role and used the No, No, No guy in Starsky and Hutch.
Actor who got the part: Jerry Stiller

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