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 Who was considered for The Man Who Would Be King?

Humphrey Bogart
Director John Huston originally wanted to make this movie in the Forties, but could not get it off the ground.
Actor who got the part: Michael Caine

Richard Burton
John Huston couldn't get his beloved adventure project off the ground in the '40s with the dream team of Bogart and Gable, but much later thought of pairing Burton and O'Toole, the great stars of the film "Becket."
Actor who got the part: Sean Connery

Clark Gable
When director John Huston first tried to launch a production of this unforgettable adventure project in the 1940s, he thought of the biggest star in films, Gable.
Actor who got the part: Sean Connery

Walter Huston
Director John Huston wanted to make the film with his father Walter Huston and Humphrey Bogart, but Walter passed away.

Peter O'Toole
John Huston's "pet" adventure project nearly got off the ground with O'Toole, but it was not to be.
Actor who got the part: Michael Caine

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