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 Roles turned down by Humphrey Bogart:

The Bridge on the River Kwai
The screenplay was written with Bogart in mind but he was contractually committed to another film.
Actor who got the part: WIlliam Holden

Bogart declined the role of Johnny Farrell in what was to become a classic film noir and huge box-office hit. He reasoned that, with gorgeous Rita Hayworth playing Gilda, audiences wouldn't look at anyone else.
Actor who got the part: Glenn Ford

The Man Who Would Be King
Director John Huston originally wanted to make this movie in the Forties, but could not get it off the ground.
Actor who got the part: Michael Caine

Melville Goodwin USA
Humphrey Bogart agreed to do the movie, filmed costume tests with his co-star, Lauren Bacall, and then fell ill with the cancer that finally took his life. The movie was later filmed as "Top Secret Affair."
Actor who got the part: Kirk Douglas

A Star Is Born (1954)
Declined the role of "Norman Maine," the tragic movie star in a downward spiral.
Actor who got the part: James Mason

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