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 Roles turned down by Dirk Bogarde:

Doctor Zhivago
Was considered by master director David Lean to play the title role in the epic movie version of Boris Pasternak's novel.
Actor who got the part: Omar Shariff

Dirk Bogarde was first choice to play Gaston in "Gigi", but couldn't get out of his British Rank Organization contract in order to go to Hollywood.
Actor who got the part: Louis Jourdan

The Night of the Generals
Dirk Bogarde was proposed by screenwriter Gore Vidal for the role of Wehrmacht sleuth Major Grau. Producer Sam Spiegel rejected the notion, saying that Bogarde was a "fairy"
Actor who got the part: Omar Sharif

Peeping Tom
Bogarde was an early choice to star in director Michael Powell's brilliant, highly controversial thriller.
Actor who got the part: Carl Boehm

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