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 Who was considered for Doctor Zhivago?

Dirk Bogarde
Was considered by master director David Lean to play the title role in the epic movie version of Boris Pasternak's novel.
Actor who got the part: Omar Shariff

Marlon Brando
Master filmmaker David Lean offered Brando the role of "Victor Komarovsky," but never got a response.
Actor who got the part: Rod Steiger

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda reportedly declined the part of Lara in David Lean's epic.
Actor who got the part: Julie Christie

Audrey Hepburn
In 1965, David Lean eagerly pursued Audrey for the role of Zhivago's wife, but she didn't want to work with someone so exact as him.
Actor who got the part: Geraldine Chaplin

Sophia Loren
Producer Carlo Ponti purchased the film rights with his wife Sophia Loren could play "Lara," a casting decision director David Lean talked Ponti out of.
Actor who got the part: Julie Christie

Sarah Miles
Auditioned for the Lara role. Robert Bolt, the screenwriter, told David Lean, "You can't hire her; she's a North Country slut." (Bolt and Miles were later married.).
Actor who got the part: Julie Christie

Jeanne Moreau
Moreau was considered for the role of Lara.
Actor who got the part: Julie Christie

Peter O'Toole
O'Toole's multi-year contract with producer Sam Spiegel forced him to turn down the lead role in David Lean's epic based on the novel by Boris Pasternack.
Actor who got the part: Omar Sharif

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