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 Who was considered for The Double?

Isabelle Adjani
Adjani was to co-star with John Travolta in an adaptation of Dostoyevky's novel directed by Roman Polanski. When preproduction was over and the shooting was about to begin, Travolta left the project. Polanski was ready to keep on, with Steve Martin as Travolta's replacement, but Adjani stated she was unprepared for such a change and left the project too. It was the final straw and the movie was cancelled.

John Goodman
Goodman was supposed to be a supporting character in a Roman Polanski movie shot in 1996. However, the project was entirely cancelled while in an advanced stage, as John Travolta, who was to be the lead, walked out of the production.

Steve Martin
John Travolta's virtual replacement for a cancelled movie by Roman Polanski in 1996. When Travolta left the set, Polanski was ready to shoot the movie with Steve Martin instead. However, co-star Isabelle Adjani stated she was only prepared to work with Travolta and left the movie too, bringing it to cancellation.

John Travolta
John Travolta had started work on a Roman Polanski's adaptation of the novel by Dostoyevsky. While shooting was about to start in Paris, Travolta left the set and went back to the USA, never to come back. The project was later cancelled.
Actor who got the part: Steve Martin

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