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 Roles turned down by Steve Martin:

Steve Martin turned down the chance to star in the movie.

The Bonfire of The Vanities
Steve Martin was considered for the part of Sherman McCoy.
Actor who got the part: Tom Hanks

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Steve Martin was considered to play Willy Wonka.
Actor who got the part: Johnny Depp

The Double
John Travolta's virtual replacement for a cancelled movie by Roman Polanski in 1996. When Travolta left the set, Polanski was ready to shoot the movie with Steve Martin instead. However, co-star Isabelle Adjani stated she was only prepared to work with Travolta and left the movie too, bringing it to cancellation.

Eyes Wide Shut
Kubrick considered Steve Martin to play Bill Harford.
Actor who got the part: Tom Cruise

Into the Woods
Had been set to play the seductive Wolf who helps Red Riding Hood grow up in a movie version of the Stephen Sondheim musical, which was to have been directed by Rob Reiner.
Actor who got the part: Project Abandoned

Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Some sources say that Steve Martin was intended for the role of Del Griffiths (John Candy) but that he lobbied for the role of Neil Page.
Actor who got the part: John Candy

Up in The Air
Jason Reitman said that although the part of Ryan Bingham was written for George Clooney, in the case Clooney rejected him, he would have rewritten the script for Steve Martin and the film would have been much different.
Actor who got the part: George Clooney

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