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 Roles turned down by James Mason:

The African Queen
When this long-delayed project re-materialized in 1949, after coming apart in 1938, the velvet-voiced superb actor Mason was the choice to play "Charlie Allnut."
Actor who got the part: Humphrey Bogart

The Bridge on the River Kwai
Considered as a replacement for Charles Laughton, who withdrew because he couldn't stand the climate in Ceylon.
Actor who got the part: Alec Guinness

Dr. No
Was scheduled to play James Bond 007 in a 1958 TV adaptation of From Russia with Love, which was ultimately never produced. Later, despite being in his 50s, Mason was a contender to play Bond in Dr. No.
Actor who got the part: Sean Connery

The Paper Chase
James Mason was originally considered for the role of Professor Kingsfield.
Actor who got the part: John Houseman

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Considered for the role of the beaten-down college professor "George."
Actor who got the part: Richard Burton

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