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 Roles turned down by Kelly McGillis:

The Accused
Director Jonathan Kaplan wanted Kelly McGillis to star in THE ACCUSED as rape victim Sarah Tobias. Jodie Foster, whose career was in a slump at the time, desperately wanted the part of Sarah, who won an Oscar® for her performance.
Actor who got the part: Jodie Foster

Bachelor Party
Paul Reiser and Kelly McGillis were originally cast as the leads in the film. Within the first week of shooting, the studio replaced them with Tom Hanks and Tawny Kitean.
Actor who got the part: Tawny Kitean

Basic Instinct
Kelly McGillis (Top Gun) auditioned for the lead role.
Actor who got the part: Sharon Stone

Bull Durham
Was considered for the female lead role, but dropped out in order to play Kathryn Murphy in "The Accused".
Actor who got the part: Susan Sarandon

Desperately Seeking Susan
Kelly McGillis turned down the part of Susan.
Actor who got the part: Madonna

Fatal Attraction
Turned down the role of Alex Forrest.
Actor who got the part: Glenn Close

The Two Jakes
Kelly McGillis was considered for the role of Lilian Bodine.
Actor who got the part: Madeleine Stowe

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