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 Roles turned down by Clark Gable:

The Alamo
Clark Gable was reportedly considered for the Travis role and Burt Lancaster for the Bowie role.

Appointment at Zahrain
Edward Dmytryk hoped to direct Clark Gable in a film of the Michael Barrett novel, but Gable died before production could begin.
Actor who got the part: Film Not Made

Dinner at Eight
He was assigned to the role of Dr Wayne Talbot in this all star comedy-drama. However, Louis B. Mayer had doubts about his suitability for the part.
Actor who got the part: Edmund Lowe

Grand Hotel
Clark Gable was initially cast as Preysing.
Actor who got the part: Wallace Beery

The Harvey Girls
Clark Gable was originally cast as Ned Trent, but it was decided that he was too old to play a love interest for Judy Garland.
Actor who got the part: John Hodiak

Letty Lynton
Originally intended as the male star of this big hit melodrama, Gable lost out because MGM wanted to punish him and Joan Crawford for their love affair.
Actor who got the part: Robert Montgomery

Little Caesar
Gable was considered for the part of Joe Massara, but passed over by Warner Bros. Gable then went to MGM and became a star.
Actor who got the part: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

The Man Who Would Be King
When director John Huston first tried to launch a production of this unforgettable adventure project in the 1940s, he thought of the biggest star in films, Gable.
Actor who got the part: Sean Connery

The film's original director Joshua Logan wanted Gable to play the father of the hero of the title, for whom Logan considered Warren Beatty.
Actor who got the part: Karl Malden

The Philadelphia Story
Katharine Hepburn wanted Gable to star as C. K. Dexter Haven, but he was busy. Gable would never had agreed anyway since he had got director George Cukor fired from Gone With the Wind.
Actor who got the part: Cary Grant

Sadie McKee
'King of the Movies' Gable didn't want to make this film with frequent costar Joan Crawford.
Actor who got the part: Franchot Tone

Sudden Fear
Joan Crawford requested Clark Gable to be her co-star.
Actor who got the part: Jack Palance

Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)
Was seriously considered for MGM's 1932 movie version that spawned a series of hugely popular films.
Actor who got the part: Johnny Weissmuller

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