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 Roles turned down by Shelley Winters:

Andy Warhol's Bad
Shelley turned down the part of Hazel Aiken, stating that the film is bloodier than "Bloody Mama" and the producers will have a lot to answer for.
Actor who got the part: Carroll Baker

Battle Circus
Pregnancy caused her to bow out of the film.
Actor who got the part: June Allyson

From Here to Eternity
Turned down the role of "Alma" because she had a newborn daughter.
Actor who got the part: Donna Reed

The Graduate
Shelley Winters was considered for the role of Mrs. Robinson.
Actor who got the part: Anne Bancroft

In a Lonely Place
When it became apparant that Lauren Bacall would not be loaned out to co-star with Humphrey Bogart in this picture, she suggested either Shelley Winters or Gloria Grahame for the leading feminine role.
Actor who got the part: Gloria Grahame

Little Egypt
Under contract to Universal, Winters was assigned the female lead but she hated the project so much she purposely gained weight which caused Universal to replace her.
Actor who got the part: Rhonda Fleming

The Long Hot Summer
In a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing, producer Jerry Wald offered Winters the role of Eula Varner at the same time that director Martin Ritt had decided to cast Lee Remick. Executives at Fox sided with Ritt.
Actor who got the part: Lee Remick

The Night of the Iguana
When Winters took the role of Maxine Faulk in the Broadway version (replacing Bette Davis), a clause in her contract stated that she would do the part on screen. According to Winters' autobiography, producer Ray Stark forgot about this clause and cast Ava Gardner.
Actor who got the part: Ava Gardner

Seance on a Wet Afternoon
Because of a commitment to appear in a TV production, Winters turned down the lead role. She then persuaded director Bryan Forbes to cast her friend Kim Stanley, who did the movie and received an Oscar nomination.
Actor who got the part: Kim Stanley

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