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 Roles turned down by Sean Young:

Sean Young was originally cast as Vicki Vale, but dropped out aftering breaking her collarbone in a horse riding scene with Keaton.

Batman Returns
Young was so upset about not getting the part of Catwoman that she went to the studio in a Catwoman costume to prove that she was a better choice.

Young was offered the role of Ginger McKenna Rothstein but was pregnant at the time.
Actor who got the part: Sharon Stone

Crimes and Misdemeanors
During post-production Woody Allen cut out an entire storyline including scenes that had contained Sean Young.
Actor who got the part: Sean Young

Dick Tracy
Fired by Warren Beatty who had cast her as "Tess Trueheart."
Actor who got the part: Glenne Headley

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Young was offered the role of Janet Colgate but turned it down to do 'The Boost.'
Actor who got the part: Glenne Headly

Gangs of New York
Was one of the actresses considered for the role of Jenny at one point, because the film was in development for over 20 years.
Actor who got the part: Cameron Diaz

The Princess Bride
Rob Reiner's original choice for the part of Buttercup was Sean Young. But the production team opted to cast unknowns for the part.
Actor who got the part: Robin Wright Penn

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Sean Young tested for the role of Marion Ravenwood.
Actor who got the part: Karen Allen

Wall Street
Oliver Stone said that Daryl Hannah was almost miscast and Sean Young wanted the role herself.
Actor who got the part: Daryl Hannah

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