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 Roles turned down by James Woods:

American Psycho
Woods was considered for the part of Donald Kimball.
Actor who got the part: Willem Dafoe

Woods was considered to play the Joker.
Actor who got the part: Jack Nicholson

The Big White
Woods turned down the role after assurances could not be made that adequate medical facilities were available in Skagway, Alaska. Woods had recently suffered a heart attack and was concerned that should further problems arise, he would not have suitable medical care.
Actor who got the part: Woody Harrelson

Was originally considered for the part of David Ferrie, but wanted to play Jim Garrison instead.

Reservoir Dogs
Tarantino wrote a part in the film with James Woods in mind and made numerous offers all of which Woods's agent shot down. Woods later met Tarantino and it turned out Woods's agent never even told Woods about the offers. Woods fired his agent over this incident. It is widely beleived that Woods was meant to play Mr. Orange.
Actor who got the part: Tim Roth

Star Wars
James Woods auditioned to play Han Solo.
Actor who got the part: Harrison Ford

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