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 Roles turned down by Joanne Woodward:

40 Carats
Joanne told Rex Reed in 1974 that Ann Stanley was the only film role that wanted and didn't get.
Actor who got the part: Liv Ullman

The Chalk Garden
Woodward's pregnancy upset plans for the fine actress to co-star with Sandra Dee. The dramatic film was postponed, then re-cast with two other stars.
Actor who got the part: Deborah Kerr

Cleopatra (1963)
One of the Fox contract players considered for the title role when the project was envisioned as a lower-budget, smaller-scope enterprise than it eventually became.
Actor who got the part: Elizabeth Taylor

She was considered for the role of "Laurey Williams" in director Fred Zinnemann's prestigious film version of the landmark Broadway musical.
Actor who got the part: Shirley Jones

Some Came Running
Turned down the memorable role of small town girl Ginny Moorehead because she refused to work with Frank Sinatra.
Actor who got the part: Shirley MacLaine

The Stepford Wives (1975)
Considered for the role of Joanna.
Actor who got the part: Katharine Ross

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