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 Roles turned down by James Stewart:

Designing Woman
Was scheduled to play the sports writer who impulsively marries a fashion designer, originally to be played by Grace Kelly. Kelly withdrew when she married Prince Ranier.
Actor who got the part: Gregory Peck

The Facts of Life
This movie was originally conceived as a drama with Jimmy Stewart as the male lead.
Actor who got the part: Bob Hope

Flamingo Feather
Alfred Hitchcock hoped to star one of his favorite leading men, Stewart, in this adventure thriller set in Africa. The project was pulled for budget and political problems.
Actor who got the part: Never Made

I Confess
Director Alfred Hitchcock considered Stewart one of the few actors who could put over with the public the role of a Catholic priest who hears the confession of a murderer.
Actor who got the part: Montgomery Clift

The Last Picture Show
He was among the several top actors sought by director Peter Bogdanovich to play the wise, tough "Sam the Lion."
Actor who got the part: Ben Johnson

Let's Make Love
Rejected the role opposite Marilyn Monroe of the billionaire in this musical comedy directed by George Cukor.
Actor who got the part: Yves Montand

Lonesome Dove
Writer Larry McMurtry had originally invisioned Lonesome Dove as a movie starring John Wayne, James Stewart, and Henry Fonda.
Actor who got the part: Robert Duvall

My Darling Clementine
James Stewart was a strong possibility for the role of Doc Holliday but he opted for the role of George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life.
Actor who got the part: Victor Mature

North By Northwest
James Stewart wanted to play the role of Roger Thornhill, but Alfred Hitchcock wanted Cary Grant.
Actor who got the part: Cary Grant

On Golden Pond
James Stewart turned down the role according to "James Stewart: A Biography" by Donald Dewey.
Actor who got the part: Henry Fonda

The Seven Year Itch
James Stewart was considered for the role of the middleaged husband tempted by his sexy, beautiful neighbor in the Billy Wilder-directed film version of the stage hit.
Actor who got the part: Tom Ewell

The Wild Bunch
Turned down the role of "Pike Bishop."
Actor who got the part: William Holden

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