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 Who was considered for It's a Wonderful Life?

Jean Arthur
The one-of-kind star was director Frank Capra's first choice to play "Mary Hatch Bailey."
Actor who got the part: Donna Reed

Olivia De Havilland
De Havilland was one of the many major actresses at the time offered the role of Mary Bailey, opposite her former real life sweetheart Jimmy Stewart. She rejected it, taking an Oscar winning role instead in to Each His Own. It was the third role Frank Capra thought of her for, but unfortunately they never worked with each other.
Actor who got the part: Donna Reed

Ann Dvorak
Another actress offered the role of Mary Bailey .
Actor who got the part: Donna Reed

W. C. Fields
Frank Capra considered using W.C. Fields in the role of Uncle Billy.
Actor who got the part: Thomas Mitchell

Cary Grant
Grant was the top choice for It's a Wonderful Life when the film was still titled "The Greatest Gift."
Actor who got the part: James Stewart

Vincent Price
Was under consideration to play villainous "Mr. Potter" in director Frank Capra's classic.
Actor who got the part: Lionel Barrymore

Ginger Rogers
Ginger Rogers was asked to play the part of Mary, the wife of George Bailey, but turned it down because the part was so small.
Actor who got the part: Donna Reed

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