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 Roles turned down by Nick Nolte:

Nick Nolte was considered to play Charles Chaplin at advanced age.

First Blood
Nick Nolte was reportedly considered to play Rambo.
Actor who got the part: Sly

Was considered for Jim Garrison.
Actor who got the part: Kevin Costner

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Nick Nolte turned down the role of Indiana Jones.
Actor who got the part: Harrison Ford

Slap Shot
Could not learn to ice skate convincingly, so was rejected for the coach-player starring role by director George Roy Hill.
Actor who got the part: Paul Newman

Star Wars
Considered for the role of Han Solo.
Actor who got the part: Harrison Ford

According to the documentary "Taking Flight", director Richard Donner reveals that Nick Nolte was being considered for the film.

Tequila Sunrise
Nick Nolte was considered for the role of Nick Frescia at one point.
Actor who got the part: Kurt Russell

White Jazz
Around 2001, the actor's name began to be attached to a proposed film version of James Ellroy's novel about a corrupt police lieutenant in '50s L.A.
Actor who got the part: Project Abandoned

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