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 Roles turned down by Merle Oberon:

Dark Victory
Merle was second choice to play Judith Traherne after Greta Garbo, when David O Selznick and MGM owned the rights to the material. Merle declined because of a contract dispute.
Actor who got the part: Bette Davis

The Garden of Allah
The exotic star was originally in line to play the sheltered heiress who falls in love with a monk who is hiding his past. Producer David O. Selznick paid off Oberon.
Actor who got the part: Marlene Dietrich

Mr. Skeffington
Turned down the great and poignant role of the aging, vain beauty "Fanny Skeffington," for which she was first choice.
Actor who got the part: Bette Davis

The Red Shoes
Originally intended as a project for Merle (with a trained dancer taking her place when required).
Actor who got the part: Moira Shearer

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