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 Roles turned down by Tobey Maguire:

25th Hour
Tobey Maguire originally bought the rights to the novel so he could star but he decided to play Spider-Man instead and the PROMOTION of Spider-Man interfered with the filming of 25th Hour.
Actor who got the part: Edward Norton

Final Destination
According to the imdb, tobey was the first choice for the lead role, however he was replaced under unknown circumstances.
Actor who got the part: Devon Sawa

Gangs of New York
Maguire was considered for a role in the film.

Hart's War
Tobey Maguire was in talks for the role of Lt. Hart but dropped out to do Spiderman.
Actor who got the part: Colin Farrell

Maguire was considered for the lead role.
Actor who got the part: Jake Gyllenhaal

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Was considered for the role of Will Turner.
Actor who got the part: Orlando Bloom

Training Day
Maguire was set to play rookie Jake Hoyt but was replaced by Ethan Hawke - who was apparently the director's first choice.
Actor who got the part: Ethan Hawke

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