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 Roles turned down by Michael Caine:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Frank Oz had planned on casting Michael Caine as Grandpa Joe when he was attached to direct.
Actor who got the part: David Kelly

Danny the Dog
Michael Caine was considered to play Bart.
Actor who got the part: Bob Hoskins

The Day of the Jackal
The actor lobbied master director Fred Zinnemann to play the professional assassin known as "Jackal," but the director wanted a non-star in the role to heighten the suspense.
Actor who got the part: Edward Fox

Michael Caine turned down Alfred Hitchcock's offer of the role of charming Covent Garden fruit vendor and psychopath "Robert Rusk."
Actor who got the part: Barry Foster

HMS Defiant
Michael Caine was tested for the role of psychopath Scott-Padget.
Actor who got the part: Dirk Bogarde

The Limey
The original screenplay was written with Michael Caine in mind.
Actor who got the part: Peter Fonda

Switching Channels
Due to scheduling conflicts he was forced to drop out of this film, much to Kathleen Turner's disappointment.
Actor who got the part: Burt Reynolds

Women in Love
Turned down the role of "Gerald" in director Ken Russell's Oscar-winning screen adaptation of the D. H. Lawrence novel.
Actor who got the part: Oliver Reed

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