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 Roles turned down by Bruce Campbell:

The lead role of Vic Ajax was written for Bruce Campbell (and it shows), but the studio refused to let director Sam Raimi give him the lead role. Campbell was given the role of "Renaldo the Heel" instead and the movie was eventually disowned by Raimi.
Actor who got the part: Reed Birney

Raimi wanted Bruce Campbell for the lead role but the studios didn't.
Actor who got the part: Liam Neeson

Happy Gilmore
Bruce Campbell auditioned for the role of Shooter McGavin.
Actor who got the part: Christopher McDonald

Pet Sematary
Bruce Campbell was the first choice to play Louis Creed according to IMDB.
Actor who got the part: Dale Midkiff

The Phantom
Was a finalist for the role of the Phantom/Kit Walker.
Actor who got the part: Billy Zane

Snakes on a Plane
Bruce Campbell was considered to star in Snakes On A Plane in a previous version of the project.
Actor who got the part: Samel L. Jackson

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