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 Roles turned down by James Cagney:

The Adventures of Robin Hood
This film masterpiece was originally planned for the great Cagney.
Actor who got the part: Errol Flynn

The Godfather: Part II
Francis Ford Coppola's original choice to play ganster Hyman Roth was James Cagney. He begged Cagney to take the role even visiting him at his home, but Cagney turned him down.
Actor who got the part: Lee Strasberg

Harry and Tonto
Turned down director Paul Mazursky's offer of the Oscar-winning role of the elderly man evicted from his apartment who goes on the road with his beloved cat.
Actor who got the part: Art Carney

High Sierra
Tired of being cast as a gangster again and again, the great actor turned down what would have been another of his best roles.
Actor who got the part: Humphrey Bogart

Lady for a Day
Columbia Studios wanted to borrow the great Warner Bros star to play rascally "Dave the Dude" in director Frank Capra's movie based on a Damon Runyon tale.
Actor who got the part: Warren William

Logan's Run
Among the many roles that the great and beloved star turned down was that of the "Old Man." in the sci-fi thriller.
Actor who got the part: Peter Ustinov

My Fair Lady
James Cagney turned down the role of Alfred Doolittle.
Actor who got the part: Stanley Holloway

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