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 Who was considered for The Outsiders?

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage auditioned to play Dally. When he didn't get that role, he was offered (but turned down) the role of "Two-Bit."
Actor who got the part: Emilio Estevez

Anthony Michael Hall
Auditioned for the role of Ponyboy.
Actor who got the part: C. Thomas Howell

Val Kilmer
Kilmer turned down the role of Ponyboy because of previous commitment.
Actor who got the part: C Thomas Howell

Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke made a good impression during the casting of "The Outsiders" but wasn't quite right for any of those parts. Coppola then cast him for the follow-up "Rumble Fish."

Nicollette Sheridan
Nicollette Sheridan auditioned for the role of Cherry Valance.
Actor who got the part: Diane Lane

Brooke Shields
Was offered the role of Cherry but dropped out to do another movie.
Actor who got the part: Diane Lane

Helen Slater
Helen Slater was considered for the role that Diane Lane later played.
Actor who got the part: Diane Lane

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