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 Roles turned down by Mickey Rourke:

48 Hrs.
Mickey Rourke turned down the part of Jack Cates played by Nick Nolte. .
Actor who got the part: Nick Nolte

Bad Boys
During pre-production the writer-director had Mickey Rourke and Nick Nolte in mind for the two main characters.

Beverly Hills Cop
Rourke was considered for lead role of Alex.
Actor who got the part: Eddie Murphy

The Big Chill
Mickey Rourke was offered a role by Lawrence Kasdan, but he passed.

Body Heat
Was considered for the role of shady Florida lawyer "Ned Racine," but instead seemed better suited to the role of arsonist "Teddy Lewis."
Actor who got the part: WIlliam Hurt

Up and coming Mickey Rourke was almost cast as Danny Noonan, the kid who wants to win Judge Smails' caddie scholarship.
Actor who got the part: Michael O'Keefe

Dead Poets Society
It is said that Rourke turned down the lead in Dead Poets Society after director Peter Weir refused to make script changes.
Actor who got the part: Robin Williams

Mickey Rourke initially turned down the role of Ed as he felt the role was too one-dimentional. Tony Scott then worked with Rourke to give the role more depth.
Actor who got the part: Mickey Rourke

Great Balls of Fire!
At one time, Rourke was considered to star as Lewis with Michael Cimino directing.
Actor who got the part: Dennis Quaid

Mickey Rourke was originally cast to play "Stuntman Mike" in Grindhouse.
Actor who got the part: Kurt Russel

Turned down the lead role in Highlander.
Actor who got the part: Christopher Lambert

In the Cut
Mickey was cast in one of the main roles but Nicole Kidman stated she wouldn't work with him, even though she hadn't meet him before. She later dropped out of the lead role herself.

Inglorious Bastards
Quentin Tarantino reportedly wrote the screenplay with Mickey Rourke in mind. Tarantino changed his mind when Robert Rodriguez used Rourke in Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Sin City.
Actor who got the part: Michael Madsen

Luck of the Draw
Mickey Rourke was replaced after a complication about whether he could include his pet chihuahua in a scene.

The Outsiders
Mickey Rourke made a good impression during the casting of "The Outsiders" but wasn't quite right for any of those parts. Coppola then cast him for the follow-up "Rumble Fish."

Was offered a part of Sgt. Elias Grodin, but passed on it.
Actor who got the part: Willem Dafoe

Pulp Fiction
Mickey Rourke was given the oppurtunity to play "Butch" in Pulp Fiction, but turned it down to continue his boxing career.
Actor who got the part: Bruce Willis

Rain Man
Turned down the part for "Charlie Babbitt", possibly due to schedule conflicts.
Actor who got the part: Tom Cruise

Mickey was offered a role in Guy Ritchie's Revolver but turned it down to do Domino instead.

The Silence of the Lambs
Was considered for the role of Jack Crawford.
Actor who got the part: Scott Glenn

The Thin Red Line
Mickey Rourke shot a segment of the film that was deleted in the final cut. He was in the credits with a special thanks. Also cut were Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Sheen, Viggo Mortensen, Gary Oldman, Bill Pullman and Lukas Haas.

In a documentary on the special edition DVD of Tombstone, Michael Biehn (who played Johnny Ringo) mentions that the role of Ringo was first offered to Rourke.
Actor who got the part: Michael Biehn

Top Gun
Mickey Rourke was offered a role, but turned it down.

The Untouchables
Rourke was offered the role of Elliot Ness but turned it down.
Actor who got the part: Kevin Costner

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