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 Who was considered for On the Waterfront?

Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly rejected the role of Edie Doyle to star in Rear Window (1954).
Actor who got the part: Eva Marie Saint

Elizabeth Montgomery
Director Elia Kazan wrote in his autobiography that his ideal choice to play "Edie Doyle" -- one of the most famous female leads in movie history -- came down to only two women.
Actor who got the part: Eva Marie Saint

Janice Rule
The brilliant, unconventional actress turned down the lead while she appearing on Broadway to great acclaim in "Picnic."
Actor who got the part: Eva Marie Saint

Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra was signed for the role of Terry Malloy after Marlon Brando initially turned it down because of director Elia Kazan's testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee but producer Sam Spiegel continued to push for Brando and he eventually was convinced to take the part.
Actor who got the part: Marlon Brando

Lawrence Tierney
The tough, mercurial actor lost the role of Charlie "the Gent" Malloy because he asked for too much money. Rod Steiger won an Oscar nomination in the part.
Actor who got the part: Rod Steiger

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