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 Roles turned down by George C. Scott:

Turned down the role of "General Cathcart" in director Mike Nichols' film version of Joseph Heller's great novel, saying he'd played pretty the same role in "Dr. Strangelove."
Actor who got the part: Martin Balsam

The Cowboys
Was offered the role of "Wil Anderson" because director Mark Rydell didn't want to work with John Wayne who, although he never served in the military, was a vocal supporter of the Vietnam War.
Actor who got the part: John Wayne

How to Steal a Million
Fired by director William Wyler for being late the first day of work.
Actor who got the part: Eli Wallach

The multiple award-winning stage and screen actor turned down the role of "Earl Partidge" because he hated the screenplay.
Actor who got the part: Jason Robards

McCabe & Mrs. Miller
One of director Robert Altman's choices to star in his masterful "anti-Western."
Actor who got the part: Warren Beatty

George C. Scott reportedly turned down the part of Howard Beale.
Actor who got the part: Peter Finch

The Shootist
Originally offered the leading role which he accepted only on the provision that not a word of the screenplay be changed.
Actor who got the part: John Wayne

Wait Until Dark
Studio boss Jack Warner had Scott in mind first to play "Harry Roat."
Actor who got the part: Alan Arkin

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