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 Roles turned down by Roger Moore:

A Bridge Too Far
Director Richard Attenborough proposed Moore for the role of General Sir Brian Horrocks, but the real Horrocks, who had casting approval, rejected the suggestion.
Actor who got the part: Edward Fox

The Day of the Jackal
The actor revealed in a 2005 TV interview that director Fred Zinnemann rejected him as the assassin "The Jackal" because Moore was too recognizable, too tall, and he wanted an actor who could convincingly disappear in a crowd.
Actor who got the part: Edward Fox

Dr. No
Ian Fleming wanted him to play James Bond but he was contracted to making the Saint, so could not play the role. Cubby Broccolli (the Director) also felt he was not enough of a 'he-man' to play the role.
Actor who got the part: Sean Connery

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