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 Roles turned down by Robert Mitchum:

Blade Runner
Considered for the role of Deckard.
Actor who got the part: Harrison Ford

Dirty Harry
Turned down the lead role, calling it a movie "he would not do for any amount."
Actor who got the part: Clint Eastwood

The French Connection
Robert Mitchum was offered the role of "Popeye" Doyle, but declined.
Actor who got the part: Gene Hackman

The Graduate
Robert Mitchum was considered for the role of Mr. Braddock.
Actor who got the part: William Daniels

Turned down the role of the WW II warrior general.
Actor who got the part: George C. Scott

Reflections in a Golden Eye
Mitchum was originally approached by buddy John Huston to play the Army Maj. Weldon Penderton before Elizabeth Taylor insisted upon casting Montgomery Clift, who died before filming began in 1966.
Actor who got the part: Marlon Brando

Mitchum and director Otto Preminger so clashed that, after a few days of filming this 1975 about terrorists kidnapping five millionaires' daughters, another actor replaced the star.
Actor who got the part: Peter O'Toole

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