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 Who was considered for Reflections in a Golden Eye?

Richard Burton
Turned down the offer to star for director John Huston in the movie version of Carson McCuller's novel about an Army major's tragic denial of his sexual desires.
Actor who got the part: Marlon Brando

Montgomery Clift
Elizabeth Taylor wanted Clift to co-star with her in the John Huston-directed film, in which he would have played a sexually-repressed Army major. Clift died before filming began.
Actor who got the part: Marlon Brando

Lee Marvin
Turned down the role of the "Major Weldon Penderton," a tortured man hiding his homosexual desires.
Actor who got the part: Marlon Brando

Robert Mitchum
Mitchum was originally approached by buddy John Huston to play the Army Maj. Weldon Penderton before Elizabeth Taylor insisted upon casting Montgomery Clift, who died before filming began in 1966.
Actor who got the part: Marlon Brando

Patrick O'Neal
Director John Huston's choice for the leading role of a sexually tormented Army major.
Actor who got the part: Marlon Brando

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