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 Who was considered for Return to Peyton Place?

Diane Baker
In June 1959, Diane Baker was the first choice for the role of Allison MacKenzie if Diane Varsi wasn't able to reprise her role.
Actor who got the part: Carol Lynley

Joan Crawford
When her friend, 20th Century-Fox producer Jerry Wald, offered her the role of Mrs. Roberta Carter, Joan turned it down because, according to her daughter Christina Crawford, Wald had given Christina a Fox contract!.
Actor who got the part: Mary Astor

Trevor Howard
Howard had a role in the sequel to 'Peyton Place' written especially for him. The role was that of a country doctor who marries a socialite (to have been played by Suzy Parker).
Actor who got the part: None

Suzy Parker
Parker had a role written especially for her. The role of a New York sophisticate was eventually scrapped.
Actor who got the part: None

Lee Remick
At one point, in 1960, Lee Remick and Gene Tierney were cast in the lead roles.
Actor who got the part: Carol Lynley

Lois Smith
Lois Smith was originally cast as Selena Cross but was replaced with Tuesday Weld.
Actor who got the part: Tuesday Weld

Gene Tierney
At one point, around 1960, Gene Tierney and Lee Remick were going to star, but both actresses withdrew due to pregnancies.
Actor who got the part: Eleanor Parker

Diane Varsi
Diane Varsi declined to reprise her role in the previous film.
Actor who got the part: Carol Lynley

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