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 Roles turned down by Lee Remick:

The Exorcist
Lee Remick was considered to play the mother.
Actor who got the part: Ellen Burstyn

Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Remick was cast to star opposite Richard Burton, who was eventually replaced by Peter O'Toole. MGM, after deciding that this musical remake needed am accomplished singer, dropped Remick in favor of Petula Clark.
Actor who got the part: Petula Clark

The Graduate
Lee Remick was considered for the role of Elaine.
Actor who got the part: Katharine Ross

The beautiful, talented actress was suggested to director Alfred Hitchcock when his original star Grace Kelly withdrew from the project.
Actor who got the part: 'Tippi' Hedren

Ordinary People
Lee Remick was one of the original stars pursued in Robert Redford's ORDINARY PEOPLE. Mary Tyler Moore eventually won the Oscar nominated role.
Actor who got the part: Mary Tyler Moore

Rebel Without a Cause
Lee Remick auditioned for the part of Judy.
Actor who got the part: Natalie Wood

Return to Peyton Place
At one point, in 1960, Lee Remick and Gene Tierney were cast in the lead roles.
Actor who got the part: Carol Lynley

Something's Got to Give
Lee Remick was hired to replace Marilyn Monroe after she was fired off the picture. Dean Martin refused to do the film with anyone but Marilyn.
Actor who got the part: Film Never Finished

Sons and Lovers
It was alleged by one Los Angeles paper that Remick would replace Joan in the role she turned down. The role eventually went to Mary Ure who was later nominated for an Oscar for her performance.
Actor who got the part: Mary Ure

Splendor in the Grass
Considered by director Elia Kazan for the role of "Deanie."
Actor who got the part: Natalie Wood

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