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 Roles turned down by Jean Harlow:

David Skal explanis in a documentary how the part of Venus was givien to Jean Harlow but then she pulled out from the film because the studios didn't think one of there a big star should be in a horror movie.
Actor who got the part: Leila Hyams

Gone with The Wind
Jean Harlow was considered to play Scarlett O'Hara.
Actor who got the part: Vivien Leigh

King Kong (1933)
Jean Harlow refused the lead part of Anne Darrow.
Actor who got the part: Fay Wray

Harlow died with the film about 90% completed, and her remaining scenes were shot with body double Mary Dees and voice double Paula Winslowe. MGM considered scrapping Harlow's footage and re-casting with Jean Arthur or Virginia Bruce, but the reaction at a preview and fan mail changed their minds.
Actor who got the part: Mary Dees

Producer Hal Roach wanted Harlow to play "Marion Kirby," the sophisticated, sexy socialite who becomes a ghost. Harlow was unavailable at the time of production.
Actor who got the part: Constance Bennett

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