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 Roles turned down by Laurence Harvey:

Alfie (1966)
Turned down the title role in the classic version of the film about a handsome, womanizing louse.
Actor who got the part: Michael Caine

Cleopatra (1963)
Considered for the role of Marc Antony.
Actor who got the part: Richard Burton

No Bail for the Judge
The pregnancy of Audrey Hepburn contributed to the cancellation of this Alfred Hitchcock project.
Actor who got the part: Film Was Never Made

Considered as a candidate to play Fagin in the Carol Reed-directed musical,.
Actor who got the part: Ron Moody

Peeping Tom
One of master director Michael Powell's top early choices to play the title role in his shocking thriller about voyeurism and murder.
Actor who got the part: Carl Boehm

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