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 Roles turned down by Paulette Goddard:

Gone with the Wind
The smart, sexy Goddard tested for the role of "Scarlett O'Hara."
Actor who got the part: Vivien Leigh

The Greatest Show on Earth
Goddard sent a telegram to Demille saying that she would accept the lead role. It was not offered to her, her fear of some of the stunts in Unconquered (1947) convinced DeMille that she was not up to the role of a high wire artiste.
Actor who got the part: Betty Hutton

In the late '30s, director Charlie Chaplin devised for his then-wife, the gifted Goddard, a comedy about a White Russian countess determined to seek a new life in America. Only thirty years later did Chaplin make the movie as "A Countess From Hong Kong."
Actor who got the part: Sophia Loren

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