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According to an article in the Los Angeles Examiner in 1945, Goulding was initially attached to direct.
Actor who got the part: Charles Vidor

In the Jezebel DVD commentary, film historian Jeannine Basinger says Goulding was first attached to the film, but Jack Warner thought his approach was too old-fashioned. Goulding had previously directed Bette Davis and Henry Fonda in That Certain Woman in 1937.
Actor who got the part: William Wyler

Old Acquaintance
Replaced as director after he had a heart attack. Although Goulding had help develop the script, he received no screen credit. Vincent Sherman says on the DVD commentary that he had to accept a lot of Goulding's choices eg casting, set, since Sherman was a less establishd director.
Actor who got the part: Vincent Sherman

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