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 Roles turned down by Mia Farrow:

The Adventurers
Turned down the role of "Sue Ann Daley" in the movie version of Harold Robbins' best-seller.
Actor who got the part: Candice Bergen

Another Woman
Mia was originally cast as Marion but her pregnancy made director Woody Allen re-cast Gena Rowlands in the part, and Mia played the smaller role of the pregnant Hope.
Actor who got the part: Gena Rowlands

Auditioned for the lead role.
Actor who got the part: Liza Minnelli

Cries and Whispers
In the planning stages, director Ingmar Bergman considered casting Mia in Cries and Whispers.

The Detective
Was set to star with her then-husband Frank Sinatra but production was running overtime on Farrow's then-current project, "Rosemary's Baby."
Actor who got the part: Jacqueline Bisset

Fatal Attraction
Was considered for the role of Alex Forrest.
Actor who got the part: Glenn Close

Mia Farrow was the original choice to play Liz. Due to stage commitments she couldn't do it. Isabella Rossellini replaced her.
Actor who got the part: Isabella Rossellini

Manhattan Murder Mystery
Woody Allen's original script was written specifically for Mia Farrow. However, after HUSBANDS AND WIVES and the real life Soon-Yi drama--Mia dropped out was replaced by Allen's former flame Diane Keaton.
Actor who got the part: Diane Keaton

Mighty Aphrodite
Woody Allen considered Farrow for the role of Amanda.
Actor who got the part: Helena Bonham Carter

The Panic in Needle Park
According to an interview with director Jerry Schatzberg the producers wanted Mia Farrow as the feminine lead.
Actor who got the part: Kitty Winn

Mia Farrow was originally cast as Lucy.
Actor who got the part: Michele Breton

The Sound of Music
Auditioned for the role of the sixteen-going-on-seventeen "Liesel."
Actor who got the part: Charmian Carr

True Grit
Turned down the gutsy role of "Mattie Ross."
Actor who got the part: Kim Darby

Mike Nichols wanted Mia Farrow to play Jack Nicholson's unfaithful wife.
Actor who got the part: Kate Nelligan

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